Aircraft operator platform

Skylegs is the complete online software for aircraft operators. It suits the needs of commercial, charter, corporate, cargo and special operations. Therefore, you finally unite different departments in a single place. For instance, operations, rostering, training, sales, finance, maintenance, safety, compliance departments and others.

Online platform

Access Skylegs from any device, you just need internet connection. Use your computer, tablet your phone to log into the online platform. Additionally, Skylegs is the only aircraft operator software that allows users to have access to multiple organizations at once. And if your company belongs to a group, or if you are an operator with multiple AOCs, we create separate Skylegs environments for each company. As a result, your team members are able to easily switch from one company to another inside Skylegs.

Support for aircraft operators

Your entire team receives full assistance from us. Skylegs team offers 24/7 support via email and phone. Furthermore, you can access our Knowledge Base, where there are more than 155 articles to help you around the platform. Or if you prefer, you can opt for the recorded video trainings to guide you through the modules.


Skylegs adapts to fit your company’s needs. Have your login page, platform colours and document layouts styled according to your brand. For example, the quote, crew and passenger documents will be customised to meet your requirements. Additionally, you can use your own nomenclature for numerous elements around the platform, so they will match your manuals and the terminology that your team is used to. In summary, a custom aviation software brings competitive advantage and value to your business.

Unlimited users

Add unlimited amount of users, regardless of the platform package. Create user roles and set up their access rights according to your company structure. Moreover, as an admin you are able to monitor the users activity, verifying the changes they made and all emails and SMS sent from the platform.


The dashboard is the first page you see after logging into Skylegs. For instance: see your agenda and the upcoming duties, the qualifications that are about to expire, tasks that you are assigned, the aircraft operator documents, among others. In conclusion, you quickly identify what items require your attention.

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