Financial reports

An Aviation finance platform brings advantages in comparison with generic accounting softwares. One of the biggest advantages generating financial reports that include all flight details. In short, in Skylegs you can generate more than fourteen different financial reports. To demonstrate, there are specific reports for aircraft owners, passenger taxes, passenger summary and many others.

Aviation finance platform

Generate invoices before or after the flight. All quote products populate the invoice, where you see the breakdown of prices. You can choose how to display the breakdown to the customer on the invoice document. In addition, when creating an invoice, Skylegs automatically configures it according to the client’s preferences. For instance, the system sets the language, method of payment and contact details, you do not need to enter this information manually.

Unique invoices

Have your invoices customized according to your company’s needs. Skylegs aviation finance platform allows you to use unique templates. For example, choose different layouts, colours and adapt the content. Or you may simply use the sleek original invoice design. At the click of a button you can send the invoice by email to your client. And when payments are made, you can log them separately into Skylegs and monitor the remaining balance.

Costs and revenue

See the financial result of your missions, based on the total costs and the amount that was invoiced. You can have an overview of the different rates changed to the customers, for example: commercial, private, owner rate and others. Additionally, find our who your top customers are, according to the revenue they generate. Check each customer’s hit rate, and learn which ones accept more offers from your organization. This and other features make Skylegs’ finance module the best aviation accounting platform.

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