Aviation business intelligence software

A powerful aviation business intelligence tool is part of Skylegs platform. The system collects data from each module and transforms it into graphics, reports and statistical tables thanks to the integration with Microsoft Power BI. As a result, executives, managers and other operational staff gain insight to make informed decisions.

Overview of each department

We build different reports for each department, which you can use to communicate with stakeholders, and provide visibility to your organization. Most importantly, Skylegs feeds the graphics with live data; in other words, they are never outdated. This is not only a flight operations statistics software, but a complete analytics solution to all other departments, such as sales, finance, safety, training, maintenance and others.

Key performance indicators

With nice graphics and smart comparisons, you can easily detect points of improvement in your company, as well as track key performance indicators (KPIs). The aviation business intelligence software allows team leaders to adjust procedures, change focal points and review company goals.

Flight operations statistics

The flight operations statistics give you answers to important questions, such as:

  • Which aircraft of the fleet is more eco-friendly?
  • What are the most productive crew members, considering their total duty days, days off and sick days?
  • What types of flights have been in high demand in the past 6 months?
  • Is the ground operations personnel following up with the new procedures?

Flight sales analysis

The benefits of analyzing flight sales data are countless. To illustrate, the strategic department can make better decisions when they know:

  • What is the sales rate of each aircraft?
  • Which clients tend to accept more offers?
  • What are the main characteristics of the sales staff?
  • Which flight routes are requested more often?
  • What types of quotations are rarely accepted by clients?

Other main indicators

As has been noted, all company departments benefit from these analytics. See below a few more examples of questions answered by Skylegs aviation business intelligence software:

  • What are the most common safety hazards and outcomes?
  • What percentage of flights is linked to occurrence reports?
  • In what flight phase incidents tend to happen?
  • How many flight training hours has each crew member completed?
  • How many line checks have been completed last year?
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