Free digital pilot logbook

All Skylegs users have free access to the electronic pilot logbook platform. This account is permanent. In other words, even if you leave the company, you will still have access to your Pilot Account, with all data kept safe. For instance, all of your logged flights, flight details, licences and statistics will be permanently accessible.

Automatic flight log

All of the flights you performed in the Skylegs Operator Account (via the operations module) sync automatically with your logbook. For this reason, the process becomes much faster for the pilots. Therefore, there is no need to manually log flights, except from flights that are done outside of your main organization.

Multiple logbooks

Wish Skylegs electronic pilot logbook, you can have multiple logbooks, one for each kind of aircraft. As an illustration, you can have airplane, helicopter, ultralight, glider and drone logbooks. Start them from scratch by entering past flights, or you may choose to import an existing logbook or simply enter your total hours to start tracking future flights.

Flight map & statistics

Visualise where you have been before. See all of the flights you have completed on an interactive map. View your personal statistics on graphics that are grouped by period of time, aircraft type, flight crew function, destination, type of operation and others.

Pilot licenses & exams

Skylegs Pilot Account is not only used for the electronic pilot logbook. You can also enter all of your licenses details, medical examinations, qualifications and ratings. Monitor their expiry dates from a single place.

Paper logbook

Would you like to keep physical copies of your logbook? That is possible. All you need is to download the digital file in Excel or PDF format and print.

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