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FAQs about Skylegs platform and services

No. Skylegs is an online platform, that you can access through an internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox). All you need is a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and internet connection for the platform. You do not need to install it in your desktop.

In addition to that, our mobile apps work offline.

Skylegs team gives you full support to your team from day 1. Our onboarding process will make sure you feel right at home and give you the necessary training to use our platform. Apart from the Training sessions already included in our onboarding process, you can also choose to have extra, exclusive live training sessions.

You will also have access to our video trainings for each platform module through our Computer Based Training (CBT). These videos are available at any time within your Skylegs environment. This also means that, should any new staff member(s) join your team, they can simply watch the videos and learn how to use our platform.

Besides that, Skylegs has a complete knowledge base (written manual), with practical descriptions, tutorials, how to configure integrations and suggestions about the platform and mobile apps. You can access it at any time.

Always and 24/7! In addition to our Support Team, you can also count on your Account Manager for various requests.

Skylegs platform has a number of modules. Some of them are: Schedule, Document control (including Electronic Flight Bag – EFB), Training, Sales and Finance, Safety (reporting and SMS), Maintenance, Administration and Business Intelligence.

Your subscription is calculated by the number of active aircraft. Our operators have the flexibility to make tails active or inactive. Historical data is always kept accessible, even with tails inactive.

With Skylegs, you only pay for the modules you subscribe for. The subscription price changes according to the modules you acquire.
At any time, you can contact our team to add or remove modules.

No. Regardless of your platform package and subscription type, you can add as many users as you need.

Not at all! As stated previously, you can add as many users as needed and with no extra charge.

Yes. Our sales module allows for the sub-charter process. Flight requests from external aircraft are imported from Avinode, and external aircraft can be added to your fleet and may be used as if they are your own in the sales and scheduling modules.

There is a very precise access control with easy roles management. You can fine-tune who has access to which modules and pages. The roles in Skylegs are not fixed: they can be created and configured by you (in fact, many other items in our system can be customized to your liking!).

You may even create specific roles for aircraft owners and their team, so they can only access and update their own aircraft schedule.

Let’s suppose you accidentally delete someone’s agenda item (roster), or a flight, an occurrence report, a client… Worry not! You can easily recover it. Most of the data in Skylegs is soft deleted. Therefore, it can be restored at any time by yourself. No more accidental removals.

Yes. Actions performed by Skylegs users are tracked and a timestamp shows who created, modified or deleted certain items. And, if you are the platform administrator of your company, you have a dedicated page where you can monitor major users’ activities across the system.

Skylegs Team

We are a unique blend of aviation professionals, developers, engineers, pilots (and more) with two shared passions: aviation and technology.

Maxim Schelfhout Skylegs Managing Director

Maxim Schelfhout
CEO 🇧🇪

Harald Denolf Skylegs Operations Director

Harald Denolf
COO 🇧🇪

Pieter De Moor Skylegs Technical Director

Pieter De Moor
CTO 🇧🇪

Bart Foucart Skylegs Strategic Advisor

Barth Foucart
Board Member 🇧🇪

Joachim De Smedt Skylegs Developer

Joachim De Smedt
Senior Backend Developer & Project Manager 🇨🇦

Shrey Vats Skylegs Developer

Shrey Vats
Full-Stack Developer & Technical Support 🇧🇪

Ian De Vos Skylegs Developer

Ian De Vos
Senior Frontend Developer & Project Manager 🇧🇪

John Pleeging Skylegs Business Developer

John Pleeging
Quality Assurance Manager 🇳🇱

Andraz Mele Skylegs

Andraž Mele
Product Control Manager 🇸🇮

Skylegs Sales Representative

Luiz Fernando do Nascimento
Accounts, Sales and Marketing Manager 🇧🇷

Gayathri, Frontend Developer

Gayathri Sadanandan
Frontend Developer & Scrum Master 🇧🇪

Dennis, Frontend Developer

Dennis Gadomski
Frontend Developer & Project Manager 🇧🇪

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