Flight requests

Receive flight requests from Avinode and reply to them from Skylegs. You can offer multiple aircraft options to your client, including external aircraft. Besides that, you will not waste time entering client information, aircraft characteristics or pictures when preparing a quote: all these details are imported from Avinode. Skylegs flight quotation platform is a powerful tool for your sales department.

Flight quotation platform

Quickly prepare quotes in Skylegs flight quotation platform. Choose from a variety of flight time calculation methods and use any currency. In addition, we can customise your quote documents so they will perfectly match your company’s branding. After that, you can generate the documents in different languages.

Flexible quote products

Flight sales products are flexible, allowing you to create quotes much faster. Configure products with specific logics, for instance, rates per minute, overnight fee and passenger rates. Your products depend on many variables, for example, the number of passengers, distance and days of the week. In addition to that, you can restrict the usage according to the aircraft, variant, airports, countries, clients and much more.

Empty legs & shared legs

Raise your chances of selling empty legs! This is done by publishing flights with no passengers in Avinode. In addition to that, you can choose to offer flights with passengers as a shared leg. As a complete private flight sales software, Skylegs syncs the flight details with Avinode automatically.

Client management

Manage your clients in a smart way, adding their points of contact (POCs) and passengers. Skylegs warns you about their preferences and special requirements when you create quotes and schedule flights. Most importantly, you can enter passengers travel documents, for instance, passports, ID and visas. And the passenger data can be synced with PnrGo to guarantee regulatory compliance.

CO2 emissions and offset costs

Clients are more and more often asking for the cost of CO2 emissions compensation. Skylegs private flight quotation software easily calculates this and adds to your quotes. And at a click of a button you can include or hide the compensation cost to the quote totals. Besides that, after the flight is complete, the platform automatically recalculates the CO2 emitted in accordance with the EU-ETS methods. As a result, the actual emissions become visible in the flight reports.

Skylegs Green

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