Aircraft schedule

With the aircraft schedule tools, you can create different activities of your aircraft. For instance, missions, flights, aircraft positioning, optional flights, reservations, maintenance programs and others. You can manage them from a central place. In addition, your team can access the schedule from any computer, phone or tablet.

Crew rostering

You can not only build the aircraft schedule, but also prepare crew and staff rosters, allowing bidding and requests. Also track the availability of your crew according to duties, agenda, Flight Time Limitations (FTL) and location. And finally, sync the crew and other employees rosters with external calendars, such as Google, Apple and Outlook.

Smart timeline

Personalise your timeline or whiteboard according to your needs. The flight schedule format is highly flexible thanks to filters, zoom and drag-and-drop functionalities. Manage missions, flights, positionings, hotel bookings, trainings and other duties from a central page. In addition, you can choose a different colour for the items on the schedule according to their category.

Restricted access

Some activities added to the schedule can be restricted to specific people. For example, you may hide non-confirmed flights from crew members. Moreover, you can set a limit date that the employees are allowed to request off-days or holidays. And you are also able to grant roster editing rights to certain departments only.

Efficient communication

Communicate by SMS and emails with clients, external service providers, crew or other contacts. Skylegs flight scheduling software allows you to keep track of requested services, permissions and specific flight requirements. You can also set automatic aircraft movement messages by email and SMS.

Aircraft status

We follow the traffic light system on the aircraft schedule to show items that need attention. For instance, the status of the aircraft can be affected by maintenance programs, checklist completion, deferred defects and others. In brief, the system predicts the next maintenance inspections by taking into account the planned and expected flying hours.

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